Modifying Child Support

If you’re aware that your non-custodial parent is earning more, you’ll need to file a modification in the court where your case is located. Sometimes the Attorney General’s office will file a modification for you, if you’re able to prove that there is more income and the support payments need to be reviewed. This is a difficult thing to prove when the income is not W-2 earned wages.

Self employment income can be investigated but you may need an attorney to subpoena bank records or payment history from a known client. Our bank account search would locate active and closed accounts, it could give you the information you need for a self employed non-custodial parent’s income to get a modification. We can also assist in locating employment so that wages can be garnished in the event child support isn’t voluntarily paid on time.

If you’re a non-custodial parent and you are earning less than you previously did and you need your support payments reduced, contact the Office of the Attorney General to ask how you can do this without needing to retain an attorney. Some states allow a payment modification every two years without having to go to court.