How to Get Court Ordered Child Support

If you need child support and you’re not voluntarily getting it from your child’s other parent, there are a few steps you can take to get the process started. If you’ve been receiving any type of benefits such as food assistance and TANF (a monthly check to help, just like child support), the Attorney General’s office will initiate the process. If no one knows where the other parent is and the Office of the Attorney General cannot locate them, we can help.

You can still use the Attorney General to establish a court order without receiving government benefits. The same court order will establish a standard visitation schedule too. If there’s an issue with giving access to your child by the other parent and you need child support without a protective order in place prohibiting contact, the Office of the Attorney General may decline to handle your case. Hiring an attorney to get this court order with the right protections acknowledged would be what you need.